Monday, October 27, 2003

With friends like these...

A very nice cool front came through so it seems a little like fall. Granted by Wednesday it's back up to 80. Anyway, for my weekend I wanna go backwards... so instead of talking about Friday first, I'll talk about Sunday and go from there. Sunday was completely lazy day. I didn't do much at all but sort of sit around and ask myself what the fuck happened this weekend. Saturday night I went to David and Jane's party. I went as the devil. I put the costume together at the very last minute. (party started at 8:30, I was purchasing the costume at Party Pig at 5:45-6) I had horns that lit up and pitch fork. I painted my face red and applied back under my eyes and lips. I thing I looked okay. Ernest looked great with his bad-ass Phatom of the Opera get-up!!! He went all out.

Now Saturday day...hung out most of the day("at the first opportunity he grabbed his stuff and left") with BR and CH. For the most part we had a good time. We saw the Warhol Exhibit, had lunch at Kirby Lane, looked around The Drag, shopped at Cheapo, and had snacks at Katz.

I knew something was bothering BR and I asked him if he was upset at me...he said no ( "was waiting for M. to clean it up") I was more than willing to talk to him about his obvious jealously..but no! He's so different now...I want the old BR back. The drama free one!!!

If he thought it was so stupid why care and be bitter. ("So Saturday during the day I was in a funk")..I know the answer. Anyway, Friday night was fun. Saw "Lost in Translation" at Dobie and had Ben and Jerry's. You know I still love your ass BR!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

What I've Learned...

Hello strangers. So much has happened so let's start. First, I just read soblo's blog and he answered a question by using something Erykah Badu says on her live album and I thought I was the only one who knew it by heart...I love him.
I'm gonna test this out on all remember I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my y'all be nice about it. Love her.

Anyway, some very sad news. My Uncle(Tio) Amador died. How come when I just started this sentence Mike & The Mechanics' "The Living Years" comes on Launch cast . Anyway, I took some days off and was present when they decided to take away life support. It was the hardest thing in recent time that has affected my whole family. My father especially because they were extremely close (which in return made my mother my siblings and I close to him). When we went to visit him in my Father's hometown of Edna, everyone would show up at my Tio's because they knew we were at his apartment. I miss him. The funeral was so hard. I've never had to deal with behind the scenes situations like I had to with my Tio's funeral. I looked through a coffin catalog for Pete's sake. I'm sure it did something to me because, well I did something I never thought I would do....
I broke-up with Ernest. And what's funny is it feels absolutely right. He is acting like it hasn't actually happened. And that's okay I will allow him all the time he needs. We're both under our current lease until next year, so it's not like I'm going anywhere...and he knows that. But it's over...
More later...I just had to get that out!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Let's catch up shall we? I must confess, I haven't been forthcoming with my blog like I should be. I've been reading other people's blogs and they all have links and photos and I have shit so I sort of feel like the perpetual "little fish in a big pond."

Anyway, I shouldn't care. The last time we got together was two weeks ago so here it goes...The weekend before last was Ernest's birthday so we went to Fiesta Texas (an amusement park) on Saturday and just acted completely silly. I bought him “The Party Monster” soundtrack. His friend L drove up from Lake Jackson and we meet B and R in San Antonio. B lives there and R was already there for some teacher’s conference. The best ride there was the Superman ride it has this huge statue of Superman on top of the loop...but the coolest was the Scooby-Doo ride where you go around a hunted house in a cart and shot targets (a score is kept). Oh yea, poor L threw-up after the second ride and some kid started yelling “sick that chick just barfed”...I felt so bad for her. Afterwards, we all drove back to Austin and just chilled at our apartment. Ernest got a card from R with a half naked guy on the front and once you open it his crotch is cut we had a contest where we all drew our own crotch. I put a nail through mine, so needless to say I lost.

This past weekend was my sister Melissa's birthday so I went home and spent some quality family time. Melissa's friend from Virginia flew in early Thursday and I came in later that night. Went spent Friday just hanging out and Saturday in Houston. We went down Westimer and shopped at all those retro stores and had a few glasses of Chardonnay with lunch at Cafe Adobe. On Sunday we made a huge breakfast for everyone at Mom's. And played 10,000 and Phase 10 until it was time for me to head back to Austin.

I love my family. I'm not afraid to admit that. Huge news!!! Everyone is coming here to Austin for that's a first. My Mom and sister plan to come early to start preparing, It should be interesting to say the least. Ernest will be in New Mexico.

Big UT OU game this weekend. I plan to just chill and watch football. Oh yea, and look for a Halloween costume for D's sister's party. Blog later bye.