Thursday, August 21, 2003

This is officially my first post and I'm scared and a little bit excited. My dear friend, BR from KC sort of talked me into it because he knows how much I write in my own personal journal and thought someone might be interested in hearing what I had to say. I doubted him and still do but I will go forward and try to just be free of any thought of someone reading this because if I didn't I would stress out about what I share.

So, no boundaries and I will not apologize if I offend because I'm telling everyone right now this will be the way I write if it were my own journal and I stop at nothing when I have to unscramble my brain. With that being said, I'm not a person that insults people or is in anyway rude. In fact I pride myself in having good karma I believe its important, but that doesn't mean I don't slip up...I'm only human and hell it comes back, right?

My Name is Manuel, but I go by Manny (but not by all..that story a little later) some facts about me:

1. Live and love Austin
2. Absolutely adore Grover
3. Love The Cure
4. Worship Andy Warhol
5. Aspire to write like Capote & Dunn
6. Love 80's Music
More later...

My day today: I woke up at 7:08 because I didn't have to shave (did that yesterday) and got to work at 8. I work At CKP, Inc. I'm an accountant bookkeeper and I absolutely hate my job. And I'm constantly asking myself why did I get a degree in such a field? My plan is to use my GI Bill to get my Graduate Degree in something I want to do for the rest of my life. The problem with that is...Im not quite sure what "that" is...(although I have some ideas)

I love the people I work with. David and Beverly in my office and there is the dispatch crew (which is always changing) Anyway, today was okay. A bit long because payroll had some problems. My biggest concern at this present moment is not work its my family reunion I'm helping plan with my cousin. Its over the Labor Day weekend next week at Cabin Lakes near New Braunfels. I just realized this entry is way too long for the first time. More later.


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