Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Beautiful Eagle Has Landed!!!!

I love The Postal Service.  This sucks...my son Nicholas is in Texas, but at my mother's because he came early and I didn't have day care arranged for this week.  It worked out though because this way he can spend time with my parents and and the rest of my family.  He seems to be enjoying himself.  When I saw him I just melted.  I missed him so much.  My sister came up to take him to my mother's and at one point on Monday we were all in my apartment and I was talking to my sister and happened to look over at him and he motioned hello with only his index finger bending it up and down and holding it close to his face.  He is my heart!!!
Next week will be so much fun.  I plan to take him swimming and on HJ's boat and to the Children's Museum and to Dave and Busters and Putt-Putt and to Bookpeople and just basically pick his brain and spend quality time with him.
I don't have him for very long this summer because he went to a couple of camps so I need to use the time I have with him wisely!


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