Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Albert Ray Pena

It's my brother's birthday, but what's sad is I have no idea how old he is. When I call him this evening I'll be sure to ask. He is the second oldest and I love him because he expanded my musical tastes at an early age. He introduced me to music that was too mature for me at the time. When I was between 5 and say 10 he played music for me like Led Zepplin, The Who, Kiss, The Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, The soundtrack to The Warriors, Black Sabbath, early Eric Clapton and I was completely captivated. He along with two of my other brothers and their friends would put on concerts for my sister and our friends. Usually it was Kiss and my brother had the coolest room in the house cause you see it was at the other end of all the other bedrooms and it was behind a chimney brick wall, so needless to say it was sound proof!! So while my parents would be sound asleep we where "jammin' in the back room." My brother had about a dozen black lights and he would always be Gene Simmons and would chew up red fluorescent colored crayons and spit out what was intended to be blood as he curled his tongue. It was the coolest thing ever!!! I was his biggest fan so happy birthday to my Rock Star Brother...love ya!

pink floyd - mother

cocaine - eric clapton

who wants to live forever - queen

another bites the dust - queen

Black sabbath - paranoid

tomorrow...is my brother Gabriel's Birthday...stay tuned


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