Tuesday, November 15, 2005

winter rolling in

cat power - the greatest

okkervil river - another radio song

I feel like I need a vacation. The plans to go see my son were understandably cancelled when his second cousin was fatally killed in a car accident; and they had to fly to Chicago the weekend I was suppose to visit. I should feel remorse for the loss and of course the situation is tragic...but I really wanted to see him - anyway, I feel bad for feeling upset about not seeing him and balancing the fact that I wish their cousin hadn't died. I have to be content with the fact I will see him next month...does that make me a bad person?

I hold on to the fact that I will be near him in June. All is still ago and I look forward to being near him.

The weather is changing, it's getting colder, and with it comes those memories of people in the past I spent winter with...it makes me depressed...

Damn them...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you heard me honk as I went by today at 10am....thought about fall in KC and those silly socks you wore....BR

8:32 PM  
Blogger Drèon said...

It's cold here too...

But, all is full of love..

4:35 PM  

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