Tuesday, April 04, 2006

begging for one more comment...or a clue to your heart(blog)...

trespassers william - safe sound

trespassers william - matching weight

trespassers william - vapour trail

i'll be waiting...

the diggs - its like you say


Blogger Drèon said...

After Party

So the drugs have worn off,
and the party's over,
my next move unknown,
emotions defying words,
born to be free,
your perfect body beckoning,
I crave your touch,
eyes exchanging glances,
turning you walk away,
other men appearing adventurous,
my mind reacting slowly,
as if a dream,
I follow,
my body useless,
my thoughts a blur,
sanity twisted,
my sense so barren,
such beauty shows,
I can see you'll hurt me,
already I know,
I think I'll turn around now,
I think I'll let you go...


11:34 PM  

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