Friday, July 28, 2006

blame it on the merlot...

i'm scared you know, first why in the hell do I have my homepage set to msnbc? why? this world is going to hell in a hand basket. and why are we sparred? or are we? i see all this devastation and wonder why not us? although we have our share, but why not at such a caliber? are we really that better off? is it because we, as americans, don't really give a shit? should we?

i have to admit, i watch the national nightly news (brian williams) almost every evening and since my son has been here this summer i'm having a hard time explaining our current events at a level where I don't scare the hell out of my ten year old when across the pond we have other ten year olds running for their lives. it's even come to a point were i distract him for thirty minutes in order to protect him from the grim circumstances. blame it on being a young parent, but i want him to know what's going on. so i feel like i'm cheating him.

i so want to rant and bitch at everyone in america for excepting higher fuel prices and listening to reports of exxon/mobile taking in record profits for the second time...record profits, but i can't because i'm at fault as well. what the hell is the solution? inconvenience. a sacrifice.

let's talk about sacrifice. we are too complacent. we don't want to interrupt our little bubble of existence. we are too comfortable with out lives that we don't want to disturb it. i want to be able to go to work, cut up with friends, have a drink and not worry about what the hell is going on and what i should do to make this entire planet better for everyone. almost an out of sight out of mind kind of mentality.

but the core of me realizes that i do need to make those sacrifices, i do need to be active, hell people in other countries thrive on having an opinion and are not afraid to express it and their expression is often times over the top. so why aren't we that aggressive?

maybe i should just stick to posting music i like...

louis armstrong - what a wonderful world


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