Friday, August 22, 2003

Okay it Friday night and I'm just about ready to turn in. Pretty sad...but I have a lot going on tomorrow. Im not too terribly excited about the first thing I have to with my cousin about the upcoming reunion. In fact, I'm scared shitless. The whole event is just not falling into place like I hoped it would. Baby Jesus help me please!!!

The second thing is a lot more tedious...helping E purchase a car. Now he says he is only going to look at them and ask questions, but I think he is ready to actually drive away in one tomorrow. He wants a Jetta (oops) I talked him out of getting a mini b/c that's what I comment from the peanut gallery. (oops)Anyway, I talked to D today who owns a jetta and he said to be sure and get a 1.8 turbo (like I know what the the fuck that means). Of course I just shook my head and said "sure, sure, I planned to do that," in my deep straight Berry White voice.

Now the third and hopefully finally thing I have to do is attend JB and Sandy's Beach Party on Lake Travis. Lots of food and drinks and of course boys!!! I won tickets Thursday night at Speak Easy's downtown. Its this huge party by the lake at Carlos and Charlie's with bands like Pocket Symphonies, Pete Francis, Wilshire, Dysfunkshun Junkshun, Virginia Coalition, Wideawake, Gavin DeGraw, and Sister Hazel playing. It should be fun. I'll fill in the details about it later.

Oh, I talked to my sister tonight. I love and miss her so much. More about her later. Real quick, my family:

Dad: Manuel, Sr.
Mom: Rachel
Brothers in order:
Amador (pronounced "I'm a ceiling, I'm a floor, A'm a door (he hates that)
My beautiful sister: Melissa
Lastly: me (which is strange I'm a junior b/c usually that's reserved for the first born...only in my family

Oh yea, big news!!! AnDy WaRhOl exhibit is coming to The Austin Museum of Art starting Sunday!!
It runs til November!!! Here is the actual release from AMOA:

Andy Warhol
August 24 ? November 9, 2003
Andy Warhol?the quintessential Pop artist?transformed the way we look at everyday life, from common consumer goods to movie stars and historical figures. Although considered one of the best-known American artists, Warhol (1928-1987) is nonetheless one of the least understood. The Austin Museum of Art is working directly with The Andy Warhol Museum to organize this special exhibition, the first of its kind in central Texas. Designed to explore the man behind the myths, this survey will focus on Warhol's redefinition of the modern artist and the subjects he chooses and will include 71 prints and 15 paintings, representing many of Warhol's well-known bold and colorful images.




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