Monday, July 26, 2004

I'm Happy, I'm So Happy

I went to my parents' and sister's to pick up Nicholas.  I love watching my son interact with my family.  It makes me smile and realize that although he lives in Maryland, there is a certain unmistakable family connection.  It's like he's lived here all year round.  Saturday we just hung out, played,  and rented movies.  Sunday my brother-in-law, Adam, his son Jarred (who is Nick's age), Nick and I all went hiking at Wilderness Park in Lake Jackson.  It was a great time.  Two fathers and their sons.  We all had sticks and we looked at all the banana spiders and tried to make out what animal made what tracks.  I use to go there as a boy to camp and what's funny is Adam was always there too.  I've know my brother-in-law since I was in second grade.  The Mata's lived in our neighborhood and the first time we ever meet them my two brothers (Amador and Gabriel) were going to fight Adam and his younger brother Chris but instead decided to play football...and the rest is history.

So back to Wilderness we (the Dads) are with our Sons doing what we use to do as kids...close to their age.  It was an amazing time.  The kicker...we called my sister and had Jarred and Nick fake cry and we told her we were lost.  She lost it.  It was great!!!!

The drive back to Austin was also memorable.  I introduced Nick to The Beatles.  He doesn't ever remember listening to them in all is 8 years of life.  So we're driving home and the sun is setting and I watch as Nick is rocking his head to "Penny Lane" and then I look pass him to the endless rows of cotton in the fields between Needville and Rosenburg (Texas)... and everything is perfect.  


Blogger Ryan said...

You can tell that your connection with your son is real, as is your love. I envy that relationship.

6:47 PM  

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