Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I need to do this...

I need to get this out. I think if I vent a little, I'll feel better. I didn't sleep very well last night once getting the news from Fox and NBC and reading all the threads on-line about Bush taking Ohio. I just want to bitch a little. If you are over 18 YOU should be voting, no fucking excuse. If you are gay and over 18, you REALLY should be voting!!! I have talked to a least three people in the last 24 hours who are over 18 and gay and didn't vote. That is ridiculous. I was depressed to hear that the youth vote that everyone was saying was going to be at a record high, was in reality not high at all. This makes no fucking sense to me!!! If they were giving away gift cards to the gap or old navy at the polls, I'm sure as hell the youth vote would've showed up. It's time to be responsible (I know a little too late). I mean there are men and women that are fucking dyeing that are the same age, but because your parents can afford college you're not there so you could care fucking less. SHIT!!!!!


Blogger Brian said...

Don't feel sad. You fought the good fight! And as for the youth vote.....numbers are still coming in, but it looks like at least 40% voted for Bush. The Democrats strategy was to get out the that that doesn't work ir will be interesting to see what is next.
Still love ya!
Brian....just back from Ohio*wink*

10:46 PM  

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