Monday, December 06, 2004

Bittersweet Visit

I went home unexpectedly on Thursday because my Tio (Uncle) Albert had a massive stroke. My brother Amador called to give me the news and my initial concern was for my Father because he just lost two bothers last year, 7 months apart. I immediately called my Mother and sister and they both agreed that my Father needed us all there. I packed like a madman and made it down in about 3 hours (average being 3 and half).

When I got there My Tio's condition was a lot worst then I expected. He's in a coma. There is a huge blood clog next to his spine in the back of the neck that is causing all kinds of problems with the flow of blood to his brain. By Saturday, they took him out of the ICU and gave him his own private room since there is nothing else to really do.

Driving in the car with my Father and two of my brothers after visiting him on Saturday, I remembered my friend from high school (LH) was having a Christmas party, which I hadn't planned to attend because of work. I asked my Father if it would be okay. And of course he said yes. And added I shouldn't feel guilty because he would be fine.

With that reassurance, I called JD (another friend from high school that was going) to get directions and to ask for a ride back to my sister's where I was staying.

Anyway, long story short, I'm so glad I went! It was like a mini high school reunion. I saw seven people I graduated with. And not the "oh, its him/her," no, it was the guys and girls I pretty much hung out with! It was so wonderful! I'll post pictures later.

Sunday was also a surprisingly nice day given the reason I was there. My family gathered at my sister's and we all helped her put up her Christmas tree while listen to Christmas music and just basically cutting up. It was something we all need given the last few days. And of course Adam (brother-in-law) ended the gathering with an awesome dinner of steak and potatoes. I love my family!! It was what my Father needed.


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