Monday, May 23, 2005


Well where should I begin? Had a wonderful time at Barton Springs on Sunday with G (and fam) and JC. Got a little sun. Then later we (JC and AP) went to 80s night at some club on Red River. It was great!!!

Then I received a text message..."I still love you..." It came from DJP. What the fuck? I responded "I know..." He then called me. I asked if he was drunk b/c he only calls me late at night when he's drunk. He said no, but proceeded to tell me that he was seeing this guy and that he just found out he has been cheating on him. Something about knowing the password to his email. Now, here is the question I had for him...why call and tell me? He said he couldn't think of anyone else to call. I said that I could think of two people right off the top of my head. I then told him I had nothing to really say except sorry. And my are pigs. Next time you date, move in really quickly with them-hell hire a private investigator. I really had no sympathy. I told him I was seriously moving on.

Here is this guy who as made it completely clear to me that he doesn't want to date me b/c of this reason and that, yet has been seeing this other guy and he knows he will be moving in June or July...I'm just confused and bit tired of it/him. I'm done...okay, regroup, sorry I just had to get that out.

JC and AP were wonderful last night. I'm so glad they are my friends. I love them!!!!!!

Now, the music:
I'm really loving this guy:
maximilian heckler - help me

And this girl and blow (meaning sing, you dirty minded person you):
sade - by your side

and something new (to me):
la laque - secret

by the way, they played the cure's just like heaven last night...loved it!!!!


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Hey Manny! Nice blog, nice music!

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