Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Gabriel Pena

First off, thanks to my beautiful sister, Albert is 39 and my brother Gabriel is 38 today. Wow, I guess my parents didn't own a TV...kidding, love you Mom, love you Dad! I was always fascinated with the fact that two of my brothers were born almost on the same day and a year apart. I mentioned yesterday that my brother Albert instilled in me a vast array of musical artists that today I'm grateful for because it allowed me to listen to different types of music. With Gabriel, I was always enthralled with his ability to be completely comfortable in his own skin. He has taught me, rather he knows this or not, that being quick-witted (has he is) and a bit mysterious, you can attract many people. I was always impressed with how he can actually have complete presence in a room. You CANNOT help but notice him when he's around. I admire that. Furthermore, I'm so proud of him. He has a new home, a wonderful wife, and they are soon to be parents to what I'm sure is going to be a beautiful health baby...Boy? Girl? We don't care as long as it's healthy. So my hats off to my brother Gabriel because I know when he sits down on his recliner in the evening and looks around at his new home and sees his beautiful wife along side of him he's grateful. Has he should be because he is truly, finally blessed. Happy birthday Gabriel. I love you.

Before I close this entry out I want to list some things my family would only know all families seem to have their own vocabulary:

1. safe-place (no chisels, no hammers...)
2. my T.V.
3. Let's eat, Let's eat, Let's eat
4. little bit of more show!!!(I was always first to say it)
5. Bath Fifi Bath!!!
6. Beat it, Beat it
7. "Mom said for ya'll to go to bread"
8. "Nails you betta get in he'ah"

Trailer for DC Cab (then click preview) - so many great lines, "they had a lot of luggage" or "jacket too tight, too tight" or "you have to make the run" or "I was just testing yo' ass"

babyface with deele - two occasions

van halen - jump


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