Sunday, August 24, 2003

Couple of things to mention before I head to bed...E and I went to look for Jettas on Saturday and the sales guy was instantly aware we had no idea what we were doing, but he was a professional about it and basically gave us all the literature we needed and answered all our questions (E wants a V6, black, with tan leather interior, manual, moon roof, and either the TDI or VR6 engine...listen to me!!!).

We went to JB and Sandy's Beach Party and the fun story there was I had Lance Armstrong autograph my hat!! We met David and his wife and sister and her husband. I'm really starting to love his sister...she is so fun!!! E likes her too!! I had a few too many and on our way home I wanted to go out and shake my tail feathers but E didn't want to so we came home and I stayed up and emailed some friends and finally went to bed around 2. E went to bed as soon has we got home...he's taking some kind of medicine to help him sleep.

Oh yea, the reunion meeting didn't happen, just a quick phone conversation and me explaining to my cousin that we don't have all the money in so there was no way we were going to be able to get t-shirts. I thought for some reason she was going to be upset with me (no idea why, that's just how my head works). In the end I made some last minute phone calls to family to inform them to spread the word there wasn't going to be t-shits...and everyone was okay with it...just another example of me stressing out for nothing. That was pretty much Saturday.

Sunday was lazy day although I did wash clothes and paint one of three canvasses for the living room. I want them done before this weekend. E and I saw these three paintings that hang side-by-side in Details' August issue (page 92 with cutie Tobey Maguire on the cover) and he, for some reason, thought I could replicate them for our living room. I finished the first one and it actually looks okay. Its a pretty easy painting...a series of horizontal lines...but the color scheme is the hardest part. I'm enjoying it.

Start of another week and a Family Reunion to attend this weekend. I'm sure I'll have some interesting stuff in store to share. Gotta go and count the cracks in my eyelids. Oh yea, I downloaded Cheech and Chong's "The Basketball Jones" and "Sister Mary Elephant" for my brother Albert...I forgot about those classics..too funny.


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