Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Nicholas and I

From Saturday

It's Saturday evening and Nick is playing with his toys. We got up early to go to Austin Park and Pizza in Pflugerville. It was so much fun. They have practically everything: minature golf, go-karts, bumber-boats, an arcade, rock climbing, and pizza buffet. I highly recommend it! I'll post pictures later. Tomorrow we plan on going swimming at Barton Springs and some sort of treasure hut at the Elizabet Ney Museum. Should be fun!

Just having Nicholas here as been wonderful therapy for me. I'm learning so much from him. Just watching his reaction to the smallest things and finding laughter in the simplest forms reminds me that life isn't all that serious.

I love pointing out things around us that aren't so ordinary so that we can experience them together. Like earlier this week we were in line at the bank and I pointed out a lady ahead of us who had this wonderful full-length hair (it was touching her calves). He really appreciated it and started asking me questions about how long I thought it took her to grow it or how she brushed it all.

I love being apart of his life and just being his father. As we were about to enter his first day at camp I remember him saying in the car, "I'm about to be shy." I knew he meant he was nervous and it's times like these you cherish as a parent because you realize your child is vulnerable and at that moment you do need to step up and be reassuring and loving and use your super-human parenting skills they know you have to make them feel better. It's such an important role. And I cherish it.

Because of my wonderful diversion, I hope I haven't alienated any of my friends its just when Nicholas is here he is my main focus. And because I just started at Texas Exes and haven't accumulated any vacation time I have to put Nicholas in day camp. That sucks. So any off time I have I want it to be with him. Sorry. I hope those who care understand.

He's calling me so we can draw. Gotta go.


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