Sunday, September 19, 2004

What in Tarnation...?

Now, the explanation of the three movie stills (see below). They are from a documentary being released this fall by Jonathan Caouette called Tarnation. A Texan who filmed his family and self over a 19 year period! Here are some reasons why I'm obviously excited about its release: It was made entirely on iMovie, Apple's consumer-grade editing software, budget was $218.32-the cost of videotapes and a pair of angel wings. He's gay, his inspiration has come from a varied of sources including Paul Morrissey, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and David Lynch to name a few. The music in the movie, according to Caouette, is a huge driving force and maybe one of the single most important elements in the film. He is only a year older than me. He covers his mother with her health problems and apparent drug use. He has a son. And oh yea, Gus Van Sant told him it was the best thing he as seen in very long time.

OMG, I just received DP's submission for Hemingway's Challenge (read Saturday's post). And of course he text messaged it:

Still broken, some tape, and revenge... -DP

And of course, I fucking love it!

In smaller comparison, here are some of mine:

He held his lifeless body tightly.

Door shut lights out. They fall.

His metrosexuality confused him once again.

"Don't shout! Please stop! It hurts!"

He rescued him from the madness.

The mysterious deep end held secrets.

Gotta go. DP and I are headed to the Alamo Draft House for Videoke.


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