Thursday, November 11, 2004

Love this and of course it's from a website in England...

I often think if I could go back and experience moments in time that have so amazed or confused or educated us I would. Here are just some of the moments I would've loved to experience in person (in no particular order):

1. Being at the Daily Plaza on November 1963

2. Studio 54 any night back in the 70's

3. The very moment The Beatles took LSD

4. The original Woodstock

5. On the bus with Rosa Parks

6. Any of Grace Vanderbilt's Parties

7. Capote's Black and White Ball

8. Visit any of Warhol's "Warehouses"

9. The day (hopefully at night during a lightning storm) Henson conceived Grover

10. The night Capote said he was possessed and wrote Other Voices Other Rooms

11. Witness what Mr. Key saw while writing The Star Spangled Banner


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