Monday, January 10, 2005

Finally...Happy New Year!!!

Sorry for the delay. And of course I don't have a reason. Let's see, Christmas was wonderful. We had a White Christmas in fucking Lake Jackson!!! It was surreal. Saw ERG. He looked simply adorable. We hugged and he snuck in a kiss on my neck...very sweet!!!

New Year's resolution: I will not seriously date anyone for a year. And I don't mean that to be bitter. I seriously need some time to think and work on my co-dependency.

I think that's it for now. I just wanted to let some people know I'm still alive. I will share more later.

And Nick O., if your reading. I'm sorry I missed you and your friend when you were down. Hope you can come and visit again soon! And I guess you can bring BR with you...

Oh, one last thing. They're filming "The Real World" here in Austin.


Blogger Brian said...

It is nice to be invited!!! Just passed through today. Did you here my honk as I went by? Happy New Year Handsome!! All the best in 2005

8:44 PM  

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