Monday, February 14, 2005

Stones, sticks, and Non-melting Snow

I've had to do some soul searching. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately. I'm no longer with DP, in fact it's the best thing for me right now - to be with no one. In the last few weeks I've had to dig deep inside and kinda feel around for what is real and what it is I want. I know that I don't need a boyfriend. I know I need to work on communicating (keeping in touch) with the ones I love. I know I absolutely love my sister, no wait, I already knew that! I know I've made some mistakes with friends and not being there or being distant for whatever reason. I know that the people that don't understand will take their jabs and I will feel them. I know I shouldn't allow it to hurt because they DO NOT understand me. Bottom line, I'm working on me.

Lighter news: Friday, had happy hour with the Lunch Bunch at Vivo's (they give women roses when you leave...I took one). Went over to JC's to help clean for his party. We didn't clean, we drank. Too fun. My new nickname is ShmannyMOE. I went to the UT basketball game on Saturday with SM and his brother. Too fun. After the game they had a concert with Bob Schneider. He put on a really great show. UT plans to feature a local artist after every home game. Later that night, JC had a party for a friend leaving for San Francisco so we attended. Meet a lot of fun and interesting people. Later, we went to an erotic art show down south. It had some really cool pieces. Unfortunately, we couldn't bid on them because it had stopped right before we got there. I wish we could've bid on the servers...they were wearing next to nothing and extremely hot.

Sunday, went over to SM's to watch the Grammy's and Desperate Housewives. Later we went for Amy's Ice Cream...Mexican Vanilla...yumFUCKINGyummy!!


Blogger Brian said...

glad your working on something important.......YOU!! as always remember that you are whole, complete, lacking nothing and just need to change the curtains and get some new paint up*wink*

2:00 PM  

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