Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Still awake at six a.m."

I love this song and this one.

The first on is Minus Story - Time Wastes Itself

The second is The Cars Are The Stars - Helikopter

I figure sense my life is a bit out of control (both in a good and bad way), I should post songs and bands I like. Okay, reader's digest version of what's going on:

My son is coming in June and I can't wait for the stability and love he brings. So I've been a bit impatient.

Second, the little demon that is DJP (mon petit vulcan, with his eruptions and disasters) is still inside of me and utter madness and confusion surround that to no end-early morning calls, short emails, plans to move to the mid-west...everything that can cause sleepless nights and stomach know-the L word...

Next, my friends that keep me busy...and drunk. I love them. This weekend was nonstop. Went out Friday. Saturday went to Eeyore's Birthday. Sunday went to Splash. So this is out of control in a good way!


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