Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tip of the Day: Short Skirt + a Drill = Wad of Trouble

Go Jay! I 'm so glad he won last night on Project Runway!!! And I love me some Parker Posie. I watched the season finale with some of SM's friends last night where they were also celebrating M's birthday. Great dinner, fabulous wine and their house is just gorgeous. Their backyard has steps leading up to a patio that looks over the city. I felt like I could reach up and touch the moon and stars.

Before being picked up to go the party I phoned Nicholas and we had a great conversation about being separated and we both discussed how we felt. I haven't told him I'm moving closer to him yet because I believe it's too soon to tell him. He is such a great kid! His mother has done a wonderful job! I miss him so much and having that conversation with him reassured me that I do want to be near him!!!!

My crepe myrtle is blooming right next to my big window by my bed. I love it!!!

I'll leave you with a great story JC'S told me about his Friend J (who we had the farewell party for last weekend). Anyway, she was on a ladder at work using a drill and lost her grip on it and started to fumbled with it. While do this, she slipped off the ladder and the drill somehow went under her skirt causing it to catch her panties....the drill (still on) tore her panties right off!!! She had to be taken to the hospital and have two stitches on her honey pot!!!


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