Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Plain & Simple & Somber & Sober

Had a somber, but very healthy evening yesterday. I knew I wasn't going to do anything giving the fact that I didn't have a Valentine. And trust, I was completely okay with that. I planned to just sit on my sofa and watch Everwood and Medium while completely vegging. Until SM called to say his Grandfather just passed and that he was on his way back from San Antonio.

Well, I'm glad he accepted my offer to come over because we had an enjoyable evening of just hanging out watching TV. To be honest, I needed a friend as much as he did last night.

Not too bad for a Valentine's Day...quality time with a good friend! Hope yours was just as enjoyable!!!

I'm going home this weekend, my plans to go to Dallas desolved once I realized the people going would more than likely have put me six feet under (done with that shit). I haven't been home since Christmas and I miss my Momma and Sister.


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