Monday, February 21, 2005

"Keep, Keep it together..."

I had a wonderful family-filled weekend. I needed it. When I got to my parent's they tried to pull off a surprise birthday welcome. With the lights out and cars parked out front, it was hard not to know what was going on. I played along. It was soooo sweet of them. They had two different cakes and bar-b-que ready. I got a grover watch Key chain from my sister and a stereo system from my parents. I love them. We stayed up and chatted.

Saturday, my sister her husband and my nephew and I all went to different garage sales. That afternoon we added my parents and had lunch at Dos Hermanos followed by shopping in Pearland. It was sort of weird seeing my father shop for khakis for himself. I believe it was a first. My mother has always shopped for him so to see him in a department store was just weird. My mother mentioned he's been going out a lot lately. He use to just stay home and sit in his chair.

Yesterday, was lazy day. Adam cooked a huge breakfast and we sat around reading the paper and talking about current events. My sister and I helped my Mother rearrange things in her bedroom. And then after a great dinner I finally drove home. I love driving by myself at night...the cool air...the loud music...I think and reflect on everything. It was nice.

Have a great week!


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