Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'm in trouble....

JC (which I find out after the fact) knows how to pay people back. Okay, here's the story:

This, by the way, happened today at work. JG asked me if I would like to see something funny. Me? Sure, why the hell not. So she proceeds to show me a very old driver's license picture of JC when he first started working. He looks 15. And it's fucking funny as hell. In a good way. I have the urge to post it here but if he founds out...fuck it, look up. Anyway, I tell her I must have a copy. She not only obliges me (which makes her an accomplice) but enlarges the picture for me. I, of course, added the literature. So at this point I show BM and tell her I'm going to walk upstairs and ask a few people if they've seen this missing person. She has one better (which makes her an accomplice as well, right?). Stay with me, she scans the picture and tells me I should email it to some choice people including JC. Here's the email:

Hello everyone. I don’t usually send stuff like this out but please help this family find their son!!!! Please look at the attached file. They are very close friends of mine. Please help!!!


Shit, it started....

I walk upstairs to get a few people's reaction. JC is calm. He tells me that it's the worst photo of him ever. And that I should know he owns a digital camera. Blah, Blah, Blah...right? He seems a little upset but not too bad.

I walk out and go and see LS and MP. This is their reaction: "We have worked with him. You messed up. This is Liz: "Corn, Corn, Corn there, corn everywhere and it lasted for about a year!!!"

What? She goes on: "Listen, Bev, who use to work here, felt sorry for JC one day because he forgot to bring his lunch and had nothing to eat. So... she gave him here corn-on-the-cobb that she apparently had already gnawed on."

side bar: Bev was one nasty young lady according to legend. I mean it's been said she was seen picking up and tossing her dog's 3 week old shit with her bare hands because it was in the way in her living room.

Okay, so of course the cobb was placed in his desk drawer later by LS and MP for a little laugh after he refused it.

Big fucking mistake. Hence the quote above, "Corn, Corn..."

JC placed corn in places corn shouldn't belong and for a year terrified MP with pictures of possums which she's terrified of. Some were even wearing little hats (a gay man's touch I suppose).

So the can of worms has been opened and I've made sure JC knew JG and BM helped!!

What's really scary is the fact that JC was so calm and collective, almost evil with his poker face on. Thinking, "son, you have no idea...."

Stay tuned!!!


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