Thursday, August 04, 2005

de p_ _ p, hang man? Leemonee? spit?

This is Nicks last night here in Austin for the summer/year. Tomorrow we travel to LJ. What can I say? I will miss him. He flies out in exactly one week. I'm trying to prepare myself, but this morning I looked over at him in his peaceful sleep and the cutest thing...he had his toys lined up on the window seal right next to him (my bed is seated right along side my window). Included was "Teddy" his teddy bear my Mother gave him earlier this summer. It's green with a soccer ball embroidered over it's chest. He absolutely loves it!

blink 182 - i miss you

gwen stefani - luxurious (not the whole song, but Nick and I listen to it almost every morning in the car on our way to summer camp..this song will remind me of this summer with him)

and one more song running a close second because he said it sounds like a lot of lazer guns/beams being fired it!

soft cell - tainted love


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blink 182 - i miss you slays me

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