Wednesday, September 10, 2003

It’s been too long. I have no excuse…I’ve just been lazy-there I said it. Anyway, I guess I should start with my Family Reunion. It went really well…a lot of tubing, eating, chatting and laughing at old photos. Just looking at childhood photos of myself…I can’t believe no one knew. There is one particular photo where I’m standing next to my sister and cousin and I’m lifting my right leg up and it’s going across the left side of my body…I look like a Vegas Showgirl (course minus the E.T. t-shirt and hat and those old style Adidas shorts with the two white stripes down the sides…and oh yea, old-school kangaroo sneakers).

I was able to see a lot of family I hadn’t seen in a very long time so that was wonderful. The area, Canyon Lake, is just beautiful with its hills and rocky cliffs. The Guadalupe River runs through has well so we went tubing. All-in-all, we had a great time. My cousin told me they want another one around Easter , but this time they are going to have a committee consisting of one person from each family...well immediately I volunteered my sister...she wasn't happy.

Ernest's family came in has well. So we entertained which I don't mind doing because his family is so awesome! Ernest got his Jetta on Saturday and on Sunday I went with them to the river in New Braunfels. They have this awesome rope I love swinging off...and all these drunk college frat boys try and swing off and practically kill themselves in the process...they don't seem to comprehend the fact they need to let go in order to land in the river but instead they seem to want to eat bark as their ass slams up against the tree. I don't mind being a spectator or instructor.

Finally, this past weekend (which should catch you wonderful people up with my weekends because I'm not about to bore you with my weekday drama) I finally made it to the Warhol Exhibit at AMOA. It was fabulous!! I saw a couple of prints I'd never seen cataloged or even knew he did. It was so refreshing because I thought I'd seen everything.
For instance, I knew he did a series of self-portraits done in different colored camouflage...but never knew he did a series of just different colored camouflage on was nice. And I finally got to see a Mao print he not only silk-screened, but where he later applied paint he supposedly ran his own fingers through to create waves and grooves. There was also a screening room running his films. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

My highlights...goodnight


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