Tuesday, February 10, 2004


My father's birthday was yesterday. I called the house before he went off to work, but he was already on the phone with my brother. I left a message. I called again last night and he seemed so happy. It was great. He kept insisting he was 26 not 62. I love him.

I've been depressed for awhile, so because of that and other issues I've hidden or repressed, I've decided to see a therapist. I start next week. Wish me luck. I know I'm sick and need help...so I guess this is a place to start.

MG has been great, calling and emailing. EG called today and we are going to hang out later this week. So...all is not lost in the friendship spectrum.

I'm going to start working out tonight. I have a huge gym where I live and I've never used it. I'm gonna start taking my vitamins regularly. My sister and I had a wonderful conversation last night and its helped me tremendously! I love her so much. And we've decided it's me time!!!

I've realized I don't even love myself. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that sort of important?

I'm ready for the challenge of finding myself and then falling in love with that person. I'm tired of listening to other people tell me how great I am, I'm ready to find out.


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