Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Bean scented candles...

Hello. I wanted to update my blog but the alcohol intake is making it too hard at the moment so I will just make a list:

Melonie- great conversations, thanks. I'm glad your apart of my family's life!!!
tamale making-who thought it was so damn hard, but fun as hell at the same time
gay social events-keep them coming
MG&K-when is your next party?
ALLGO-I'm all over it
Mexic-arte Museum - enough said!!
G - do the snake again...and if that's not enough, maybe the fart dance
sign language for...flying asshole
R-you're a great waiter!!!!
EG-your new By George outfit rocked!!
ERG-just adore your new gay toothbrush
Grandparents, Christmas, and cooking...maybe football..okay football, but who the fuck is the nose-tackle?
explanation (story) of every article of clothing your wearing...that's talent!! Can you do that?
Good night...don't forget to tip your waiter!!!

Love you bitches


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