Monday, October 27, 2003

With friends like these...

A very nice cool front came through so it seems a little like fall. Granted by Wednesday it's back up to 80. Anyway, for my weekend I wanna go backwards... so instead of talking about Friday first, I'll talk about Sunday and go from there. Sunday was completely lazy day. I didn't do much at all but sort of sit around and ask myself what the fuck happened this weekend. Saturday night I went to David and Jane's party. I went as the devil. I put the costume together at the very last minute. (party started at 8:30, I was purchasing the costume at Party Pig at 5:45-6) I had horns that lit up and pitch fork. I painted my face red and applied back under my eyes and lips. I thing I looked okay. Ernest looked great with his bad-ass Phatom of the Opera get-up!!! He went all out.

Now Saturday day...hung out most of the day("at the first opportunity he grabbed his stuff and left") with BR and CH. For the most part we had a good time. We saw the Warhol Exhibit, had lunch at Kirby Lane, looked around The Drag, shopped at Cheapo, and had snacks at Katz.

I knew something was bothering BR and I asked him if he was upset at me...he said no ( "was waiting for M. to clean it up") I was more than willing to talk to him about his obvious jealously..but no! He's so different now...I want the old BR back. The drama free one!!!

If he thought it was so stupid why care and be bitter. ("So Saturday during the day I was in a funk")..I know the answer. Anyway, Friday night was fun. Saw "Lost in Translation" at Dobie and had Ben and Jerry's. You know I still love your ass BR!!!


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