Monday, September 15, 2003

The weekend ended too soon. Ernest, Jenn, Robert, Jordan, and I went to Schlitterbahn Water Park on Saturday. After work on Friday, we picked up Manja Pizza and headed to San Antonio where his family was staying the weekend. We chatted away in the hotel and on Saturday we went down to the Central Market where we had breakfast tacos (I had the chorizo and egg and babaccoa) Then we headed to Schlitterbahn. For those who have not been…oh my, it is unbelievably fun. Lots of water slides, pools, tube shots, and eye candy. For pete’s sake there is a bar in the middle of one pool. We had a great time. I got split up with everyone when we first got there…which didn’t bother me a bit. Fun times. Ernest and I drove back late Saturday so we didn’t have to leave early on Sunday because we both had to be in our offices. I know working on Sunday…but hell it’s overtime.

This past week I didn’t do much but paint and call some old friends. I called AF and she’s doing great with her Misses. I miss her. I e-mailed Mr. MD and in his response he seemed depressed about something going on in his life…I hope I can help. He deserves so much. I wanted to tell him I still remember the day I walked him down those huge DFAS corridors to see him off for the last time and wondering if we were going to see each other again…and at the same time thinking and knowing I was going to miss him. That’s one thing about the military…you only have your friends for a little while because everyone’s from different parts of the country. I can remember so many wonderful people I served with and it always makes me feel helpless not being able to have a stronger connection other than a random e-mail here and there.

Subject change...too depressing...

I'm listening to Madonna's Dick Tracey soundtrack...I love it. Its one in a few CDs where I can listen to every song and enjoy each track.
Others: 10,000 Maniacs' Unplugged,
REM's Green & Out of Time,
the first cd by The Cranberries,
and second Hooverphonic,
The Doors soundtrack,
Depeche Mode's Violator,
The Smith's The Queen is Dead,
ABBA Gold,
and of course every cd The Cure has put out!!! (well more than I thought...that's good)

Im about to hit the sack. Going home this weekend...and I NEED to get a hold of Nicholas to find out what the hell they are going to do about Isabelle (that big ass bitch out in the Atlantic).


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