Thursday, September 25, 2003

Real quick...before I start...I'm buzzing on Smirnoff and this probably isn't a good idea but what the hell. Brian told me he had some people asking about me and why my blog hadn't been updated...of course I didn't believe him. Actually, I hope people are reading this. So here's a test...I will leave my email to see

Anyway, to recap this past weekend, where I went home...I had a blast. Which of course is completely unusual with a hometown population of only 20 thousand. I saw some friends at Kicks (a sort of out-of-the-way bar and dancehall that is the only form of entertainment in town) I hadn't seen in ages...Im talking 12 years or more. I ran into JS and sister ES I use to work with at Dominoes while in high school and community college. They told me about our manager Ann who died 3 years ago of lung cancer and about all the other kids who had come out of the closet. And TW which I hadn't seen in like 18 years. She use to be our neighbor on Azalea Street. I couldn't believe it! Nor could she...she almost shit and kept telling me how I wasn't old enough to be at the club because I was only a baby the last time she saw me. When I told her I was thirty she almost fell on the floor. We all exchanged numbers and emails.

I spent some quality time with Mom and Dad...we played 10,000 and I actually made them breakfast on Sunday...the kitchen radio had been swiped by my brother Albert so I sang "Respect" while cooking with my Mom laughing and Dad pleaing for me to stop! It was too fun.

At times like those I tend to forget my Mom is dieing of a rare liver disease. Damn it! Why? She has never hurt a fly in her life but because of bad genes she must watch what she eats and swallow a million pills a day and listen to her doctor tell her she is going to eventually die without a transplant that my father cannot afford...and if he could that, because the donor list is so long, she would probably die waiting. Sorry...

On a more lighter note...I finally met my best friend (from High School) JD's daughter GD. I still consider her my close friend and I hope she feels the same way. Her daughter is beautiful!! We went to mutual friend's (LH) house warming. His home in Pearland was just beautiful...they had a ceiling fan in the master bathroom for christ's sake!!!! We had so much fun just catching up. Well I better go to bed. Night.


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