Tuesday, November 04, 2003

What a change of events...

Where on earth should I start? First, I just want to make it official...I would like to see Governor Howard Dean become our Democratic Candidate running against the so-called President. I seriously have never been this excited about an election and think it stems from just wanting Bush out. Tomorrow I'm attending a "Dean in 2004" meeting and this weekend we have a table at the Texas Book Festival downtown where we plan to get petitions signed and distribute literature and stickers. I watched CNN's "Rock The Vote" tonight and I think it really sealed it for me.

Now onward, Mr BR has offered me job. And I am completely flattered that he's thought of me given that its practically his business. And the fact he has that much trust in me...it speaks volumes. And I'm not just blowing smoke, I sincerely mean that. Ever since he's offer, I can hardly concentrate on anything else. It's really quite overwhelming and I hope I do the right thing. Every person I've told has told me YES, do it. So...about 97.88% of me is leaning toward yes. I have until the end of the week to decide.

On to other not-so-interesting news. This past weekend I finally got the feeling (since Ernest and I broke up) what it's like being single. At times it was hard. Finding constructive things to do with my time was difficult, but I did things I enjoy doing...bookstore browsing, window shopping, striking up conversations with people just to get to know them. In fact, I met M,C, and J on Friday at Supercuts waiting to get their hair did and they invited me to a Halloween Party (which was pretty lame except for the conversation). See, new friends. I went out Saturday and met a cool guy from Dallas and we had a late meal at IHOP that included an omelette and more conversation...but for the record, I'm not looking for anyone. I'm just ready for "me time."

Ernest realizes the situation and it's quite extraordinary how mature we're both being about it.

Finally, some quick things:
1. My brother got married on Halloween (don't ask)
2. My other brother purchased an electrical scooter and is now seen in town running errands on it (go ahead...shot me)
3. My mother got a kitten and named it Pokey...it's already spoiled and everyone else, including my father, is jealous.
4. I'm sketching again...scary!!!
5. Ernest and I have been asked to be extras in a movie being filmed here starring Tommy Lee Jones...cool, huh? Bye for now.


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