Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Raspberry Smirnoff...

This past weekend, to put it bluntly, was fucking incredible. On Thursday EG invited me to a metal show opening at Penn Field. The work was great, although he didn't have any pieces up because they told him about it too late. So we sort of just mingled and drank a couple of shiners. Afterward, we went to Dobie to see Party Monster. It was completely silly and fun and you get to see Lil Mac's ass, sorry I realize most people can only think of him as Kevin, but hell he's Ernest's age...so shit...he's hot! Those lips!!!!

Anyway, EG told me that MG was wanting to meet at Red Fez on Friday for drinks and to watch some belly dancers. EG said he wouldn't be able to make it because he had to study...on Friday? Friday morning I emailed DG and he also told me about the Red Fez thing and about a Gay Prom at the Four Seasons. I wasn't, nor he, willing to get dressed up for that so we decided to meet at Red Fez and hang out with MG.

The belly dancers were awesome. So sexual. So erotic. MG bought a friend (K) and she was great. She reminded me of my ex-wife. In fact, MG and K almost married. We had such a blast. I left Red Fez to meet someone at O. I asked the crew, who by then grew by one (D, who showed up and was another friend of MG's), to meet me there later. I absolutely felt like Judas. Anyway, I saw S and we chatted for awhile. Eventually, the crew showed up and we danced and all was well until I realized I would be separated from them again because they wanted to go to The Forum (which by the way is closing its doors forever today) and I was in my silly head having a conversation about/with M and didn't want to go. They left.

I meet up with them again after I realize I was having a blast when I was with them. I found them on the roof and at one point in the night I had them line up in formation while I barked orders like a drill instructor..too fun.

On Saturday DG invited me to a couple's house warming (or as it was descriptively changed...house sizzling). Now what's strange is that this is the second gay house warming I've been to this year. Come to think of it, that isn't strange that's wonderful!!

It started at 3 p.m. We got there around 4. We left at about 2 (I think). Almost 12 hours!!! The new home owners, L&O were simply the best hosts I had ever witnessed. I was exhausted just watching them. They had so much of everything. DG and I just completely bonded. Our conversations raged from politics to sex (well those are fairly similar) to family, school and just being gay. We both felt grateful we were able to experience a Saturday like that - together and with great people and good food. My favorite part of the evening...raspberry smirnoff shots...enough said. Because if I talked about every single thing that happened that night we would be here forever, I'm inspired by Ernest's idea of lists (thank you Ernest)

A list of the Evening:

Brazilian TP Lady
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy
White lit fence
Red lit tent
the toast
soul train line
onion lady
Brick House
20 cigarettes a piece
AC unit (breeders) sex

I will post my Sunday later..


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