Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Golden Banana Award goes to...

I'm about to set forth on a new journey, a new chapter in my life and I'm so ready to just embrace it. What is this new journey I speak of? Well, let me first say I believe it as already started so...for starters I'm not going to be a complete home-body anymore. My want to have vast, interesting, intriguing or just plain silly friends has completely surpassed anything else I want right now. And because of this, I know I can't look back. I never want to have to worry about acting a certain way in public or going out knowing I can't give my number out to a potential friend. So my carefree life as started and I must say without the drama. Just me wanting to meet every person I can to sponge knowledge, share thoughts and dreams and feelings.

This past weekend was truly a testament to the above.

It start on Thursday, I emailed EG and he wanted to meet me at Oslo (I'm not sure of the spelling, but its the new bar on 6th and Lavaca) The bar was great. I loved the fact I was wearing a little color and every guy there was wearing black. I was sure EG wouldn't have cared what the fuck I was wearing. Of course here he comes in a blue shirt and jeans...it was perfect. Sort like, "yea I'm here, yes I don't look like you guys..suck it and give me a sapphire and tonic!!!" It was classic EG. Anyway, we had a few drinks and caught up then decided to go eat at Sarrano's on Red River. We ordered, we talked, we laughed, we bonded it was great.

Later his friend DG called and wanted us to meet them at Roxy's on 6th for pool. I hesitated at first because I don't play pool, but I thought EG's circle of friends are great and I would love to meet more of them. In the end, I'm glad I did. I met DG who works at the Mexic-Arte downtown. And he was just full stories about how he met President Fox that day...he was glowing. We ditched some of his more hetro friends (who I met and they all seemed cool-although I forgot their names) for a some homo surroundings. All-in-all good times to be had by all.

On Friday I met EG, DG and new guy MG for happy hour. DG was carrying a banana around. Come to find out, he had it with him all day. In fact he frequently called EG during the day to express his views and expressions on how much girth this banana had. The banana soon became the focus of our attention (well shit we were at Charles were the crowd can be out witted by a banana) Anyway, the banana was played with, fondled with; it was shoved down people's pants and it caught the attention of old nasty men who wanted us to...well nevermind. So basically it was mistreated...so in turn the banana decided to avenge those who abused her by at first turning from a beautiful sun yellow to an ugly tar brown-then it became soggy and like a dead animal on the side of the road, it was ready to bust. And it did!!!

From happy hour we went to the Blue Genie...an art house. They were showing this wonderful winter-like show where part of it involved these women dressed in all white slowly moving to mood music. Each room had a different theme.. it was the most "unusal but cool" thing I've seen in awhile. I thought for a moment that Ronnie would've really enjoyed it. Anyway, part of the show had a projector showing images on a huge screen...and MG (of course with a lot of help from Mr. Jack Daniels) proceeded to project his penis. We decided then and there when the 4 of us got together we would give out "The Golden Banana Award" to the most outrageously committed act on a given night...

I had so much fun!!


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