Friday, August 06, 2004

Some Plans and Thoughts

It's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend! Nicholas and I plan to go to the lake and possibly Dave and Busters and Inner Caverns in Georgetown. This past Sunday we went to the Elizabeth Ney Museum and did the scavenger hunt. Everyone commented on how smart Nicholas was for reading everything himself. I was so proud. We both enjoyed it. He got all the answers right and in return received two cookies from Elizabeth Ney's 100 year old recipe. The museum itself is in the Hyde Park area and seems so out of place because it looks like a miniature castle. I'll post pictures later.

I have the date when Nicholas will fly back home...August 16th. He was suppose to stay an extra week, but Tonya realized she needed that week to get him ready for school. I'm not bitter...

Nicholas wants to type he goes:

daddy loves me very much and I'm proud of him.

That is so cute. Not sure what's up with all the spaces...

ERG called me at work this morning and he talked to me like he use to (instead of the short, monotone, don't really want to show emotion voice). It made me smile. More on that whole thing later.


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