Friday, November 19, 2004

Turkey Day will never be the same...

Okay, in all honesty this is the situation: Dreon is at work and I'm at his apartment trying to get familiar with his Macintosh. Even his home-row keys (?) are different. The familiar bumps are on the "d" key and "k" key (the middle fingers, not index) and of course this could be his keyboard and not the fact that it's a Mac. So with that, and after having a few...what's the assessment? Utter confusion but total anticipation of his return.

Cutest thing he did this week? Okay, if you don't want to hear complete "love story" or "cheese factor 28" then stop here and when you see the bold start you can continue to read again. Okay, we had really bad weather this week. I mean like low-water crossings where blocked off, forbidding cars to go through. Anyway, during one of these awful rainstorms he calls saying he will not be able to come thoughts..."shit"...but I understand. I go to sleep. Next thing, I get a call that awakens me. "Where are you?" I immediately recognize the voice. "In my bed, where are you?" "Come to your door," he says. "No way," I respond. And of course who is there? It was completely unexpected and beautiful all baked together! He made it through the storm. I pictured him dodging tree limbs, swerving around down power know, but truth be told-the rain let up. Never the less, this is the reason I love this bloke! Start So, here I am. Oh, oh, oh, guest who is escorting me home for Thanksgiving? I'm completely nervous and excited all at the same time. If there is a would be the time I ask for his help. If Dreon doesn't understand the meaning of Dysfunctional he will after this... He's home, goodbye!!


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