Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Real Quick Catch-up

Busy week with DAA and such. This past weekend was too much fun. Spent the entire weekend at JC and SC's Lakeway place. Friday: Buzzed by 7 p.m. (which was my goal) and then we headed over to SC's friends place. Beautiful home with views of the lake. More drinking. I call JL like a dumbass. He and I both agree I shouldn't call when I'm drunk. Saturday: Buzzed by 11 a.m. (right before kick-off) Somehow, cheering for UT with my legs crossed and a martini in one hand doesn't seem right, but there I was...calling everyone and asking, "do you love it?" included in those calls: ERG, Chino, Adam, Dad, JL...UT kicked some OU ass and I fucking love it!!!! Party went on for the remainder of the day and into the early morning. Best part - TC came up from San Antonio. He just moved there from Kansas City, where we first meet. I've know him and his boyfriend BR for years. Actually, BR is usually the anonymous person asking questions on my comments. I love them both so much and I'm so glad TC is in SA. He was a hit with everyone!
Sunday we went to the benefit for Project Transitions - Octo Tea Party, had a few more and saw so many people out there. Funniest part - taking a boat taxi there and having my hair do this 80's Flock of Seagull thing.

This Friday is DAA - Hopefully JL will attend it with me and then I'm attending the game with him on Saturday...should be fun


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My penis is hard

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Blogger Brian said...

OK that was not my comment.......perhaps I thought it but it was not my comment....*wink*

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