Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rita can't mess it up this time...

I will finally get to see and spend the night with JL tonight. We had to cancel last week because of Rita and my family coming in that night. I saw him briefly on Friday (and if tonight is anything like those couple of hours...happy days!!!) before having to head back home to resume my hostess duties. I guess what would be important to point out here is why we haven't seen much of each other lately-to put it in the most simplest terms-he is a very busy guy in a very impressive way. I want to be more like him. I meet his friends this Sunday for their weekly get together...nervous

I plan to rent a movie and bring over Bjork videos. We plan to talk and cuddle and just enjoy each others company. I'm really liking this. I asked him last night if he missed me-his reply-YES.

BTW, my family is doing well, nothing happened to any of their homes.

It's been awhile:
Diaframma - Siberia (Muzak remix)

Arcade Fire - Cold Wind

M83 - Safe


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