Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Look out your window

JL and I had a wonderful conversation over the phone last night. We covered a lot of ground and I think it was a huge step in the right direction. What direction? Well, for me, I think it's all about trust. I've been fucked over one too many times and for me finding someone to trust again will be a challenge, but with JL...I don't know, I can honestly say the trust came with the first conversation I had with him.

I'm smiling a lot. I get giddy and perky when he calls. I lay in bed and think about us. I'm happy again. I feel like letting go and allowing whatever to happen.

Tomorrow I see him. We're going to rent a movie and he is planning to cook for us. The idea of just holding him makes my stack of work, my lousy lunch, my uncomfortable chair, the heat outside seem to just vanish or seem like a steak or a recliner or seem like New England fall weather.

HOLY SHIT, here the bitch comes. My parents, sister (her family), and one of my brothers are coming to Austin to ride out the storm. They are saying it should reach catergory 4 status before landfall...sound familiar? The tracking puts the eye right where my family lives: Lake Jackson, south of Houston. Here we go...Fucking Rita.


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