Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sHoUt OuTs

why I'm sometimes called Lamont from ERG:

I've been wondering this for sometime now. He wouldn't tell me, all he would say was that it was an inside joke between him and friend. Okay, at first I was a little offended because he won't tell me why he was calling me this. I mind ran. The major reason, I thought, was (and not to sound racist) because he confided in his friend that I might be...well... not lacking in certain areas. I guess that was wishful thinking because he finally told me tonight why.

And the reason was very sweet.

I'm called Lamont because his friend had a boyfriend named Lamont and she swears he will be the only person that will love her forever no matter what. No one will ever love her the way Lamont does, no one. And ERG told her he had someone like that...me. So, Lamont, like me, will call her and they will talk for hours. And when he does she tells ERG "I talked to Manuel last night" for course meaning Lamont and he tells her the same when we talk. Isn't that cute. Mystery solved.

It did make me think about what he tells his friends about me and of course this reassures me that it might just be good.

On that note, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

alexi murdoch - orange sky (this goes out to, fuck that, let them ponder it)

the smiths - bigmouth strikes again (this one goes out to my beautiful, fucking gorgeous homo sapiens that attend their/our religious right we call elysium on sundays. Sorry I missed this sunday...you know the whole leaf turning over thing)


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