Sunday, August 21, 2005

stop, roll, worry, impatient, listen

Okay, I need to stop right fucking now. I've been out everyday this week except Thursday. I know what needs to done. My work hasn't been effected in anyway, I just know this isn't me. I've had fun it's just last night I sat at Rain after coming from Barcelona and thinking "shit I really hate this right now." So needless to say I'm a little burnt out with the whole going out. It's never the same place, I like going to as many different spots as possible weather hetro or not it's just old. So my (our) solution is to be completely creative with our time. I'll keep you informed.

Well, I've started the ball rolling in getting moved to DC. Made some phone calls and looked up places to live and even revamped my resume. It's gonna happen and it's very fucking scary.

Nick started full contact football this past week. I called on the days he had practice to be sure he was okay. I'm just glad he started this sport early so he can get it out of his system because what's reassuring is that they're all his age and really won't hit too hard. The older he gets and decides to stay with it, the rougher it will become. I seriously think he will stick to his favorites: soccer and basketball...let's hope.

What else? ACL is around the corner, and I'm just too excited!!!

levy - rotten love

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