Monday, September 19, 2005

acl, playlists, aMoRe info...working title

First, here are the songs I placed on JL's 2 CD set called "mixed up mix." The reason for the title?...I told him one was slow the other fast...he seemed to think the one I labeled slow should be in fact fast and vise versa. Anyway, here it is:

CD 1 (Slow)

bloc party - like eating glass
death cab for cutie (DCFC) - Transalanticism
bjork - possibly maybe
m83 - farewell/goodbye
the postal service - the district sleeps alone tonight
snow patrol - run
angela mccluskey - it's been done
stars - set yourself on fire
bjork - aurora
bright eyes - a perfect sonnet
the postal service - such great heights
bjork - pagen poetry
emiliana torrini - fisherman's woman
bjork - unison
bloc party - tulips
tarnation (soundtrack) - desperation

CD 2 (Fast)

gorillaz - dirty harry
annie - chewing gum
bjork - big time sensuality
bjork - hyperballad
ashely simpson - pieces of me
DCFC - the new year
clap your hands and say yeah - tidal wave
cocteau twins - cherry coloured funk
kylie minouge - i believe in you
jesus and mary jane - just like honey
josie cotton - johnny are you queer
out hud - it's for you
the plimsouls - a million miles away
angela mccluskey - sleep on it
the damned - white rabbit
franz ferdinand - take me out
DCFC - brothers on a hotel bed
meryn cadell - the sweater
sufjan stevens - chicago

What else? I had a wonderful time this weekend. I spent it out at JC's new place in Lakeway. It's a drive but it's completely worth it. JL, came out with me on Saturday after the game. We both left on Sunday. I hated spending that much time with him then having to leave. We respectably shared the same guestroom where we cuddled and kissed and touched each oher's skin...then we slept. Very nice!!!

On Sunday, I cooked breakfast and then JL and I sat on the couch and just held each other before having to leave. I see him on Wednesday...I can't wait.

ACL is this weekend...I will be there Sunday. Hopefully Rita won't fuck it up too bad. I will be seeing Ambulance LTD., M83, Rilo Kiley, The Bravery or Kaiser Chiefs, The Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Wilco or Franz Ferdinand, and Coldplay.


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