Thursday, August 25, 2005

not much going on here

bored so I headed out to spider house. Its fun, there are a lot of people out. you can tell school is about to start. I planned on going home for the labor day weekend but realized ut's first game is that saturday. So I will be working. Oh well, maybe the following weekend. Oh, last night a group of us went and saw this awesome band at lucky lounge. I will try and find their name and website. I do want to share it. okay one only needs to go to lucky lounge's website. casey mcpherson

here are a couple of new ones from minus story

minus story - knocking on your head

minus story - little wet head

lampshade - because trees can fly

BTW, i have a new link there on the left to ERG's family shop(Selina Specialties) going shopping!!!!


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