Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ACL by list

1. To start: Ester took care of us at The Paggi House (bottomless mimosas-nuff said)
2. Stumbled to ACL from there.
3. M83
4. Dipping Tub (for hats and Tees)
5. B and S not doing so good...too many mimosas
6. Lost B, S, J, & JC
6. Doves
7. Found BSJ&JC at the food court (B and S really not doing so good)
8. Kaiser Chiefs
9. Slight nap
10. The Arcade Fire
11. B and S leave (they take taxi to Lakeway)
12. Instead of waiting for Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay at the SBC stage we (JC, J & I) walk over to The Decemberists (so glad we did, great show!!!)
13. Franz Feridand
13. Dust in the air
14. More dust in the air
15. Coldplay
16. I call JL to allow him to somewhat listen to them, wishing he was with me!!!
17. Long Shower, deep sleep


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