Friday, September 30, 2005

some ACL Photos & Last Night (tardy bell?)

@ The Paggi House (notice water glasses full, mimosas almost empty, this will come and haunt us later) From left to right - J (JC's Ex from San Fran), some guy, B (S's best friend-lover?), JC (my partner in crime), and S (JC's new roommate and otherwise great guy)

with Ester - love her!!!!

too much to drink, too much....



@ the dipping tub, my shirt is completely soaked

The Decemberists

The crowd @ The Decemberists

Last Night:

JL invited me over last night. I brought desert over since we both had already eaten. I went over to Marie Callendar's and purchased their apple caramel cheese something...we both could only eat half a slice. Then we watched the live episode of Will and Grace and Everwood. Then we watched the rest of The Dreamers...we cuddled and kissed and stuff- fast forward to this morning - I wake up to "shit!!" JL did not set his alarm.


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