Monday, February 16, 2004

I can see the light...

I had a great weekend. I feel clear-headed. I've seen the light. BR is such a wonderful person. I owe him so much. He was in town this weekend. Poor thing had been on the road and away from his honey (TC) who's in Europe (I think). They haven't seen much of each other. Anyway, the plan was to met Friday for dinner, but someone in his company made a mistake so he had to drive to a St Charles (LA) store to rectify it. [okay, i'm back. i need to stop looking at other blogs and focus on my own] Anyway, long story short, he decided to stay in Houston overnight because of all the excessive driving. Right...I know him better than that. He stayed so he could shop at The Galleria and cruise boys.

Anyway, I went out and while I was out, I caught the wonderful snow fall. It was beautiful. Everyone around me was just freakin amazed!! I thought maybe because they were all drunk or on drugs, was the reason for all the amazement, but the next day when I noticed everyone else talking about it - it occurred to me that this was a huge thing for Austinites.

I had lunch with BR at Katz on Saturday and I was a little nervous because I knew he would get to the root of my funk...he did. I gotta tell ya...I love him for it. I already knew the answers he just knows how to bring them out of me. The answers you ask...We did a little shopping (me: some origins products and flip wallet) and headed back to his hotel (the new Hilton--it's nice). He didn't want to go out which was understandable so I left him.

Went out. Met some great people. Blah, Blah, time.

Sunday I silenced my phone and did nothing.

I need to return some calls...


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