Tuesday, June 01, 2004

DeBaUcHeRy is a bitch...

I had a great weekend and it ended with a wonderful conversation with an old boyfriend I hadn't talk to in such a long time. He might be moving to San Antonio which is kind of scary and exciting and all too weird. We didn't talk about seeing each other or anything but damn just talking on the phone with him made me feel something...I'm sure it's nothing (as it should be).
Anyway, the rest of my weekend was filled with activities that would surely kill the average man. Boating, sun-bathing, swimming, drinking, flirting, shifting, exploring, bumping, licking and just plain living (in the moment). I had a blast! Because of all the circuit parties going on, there were a lot of out-of-towners. And for the record, I dislike circuit parties. I don't understand why people will pay so much to enter an environment you could create at any club. Anyway, I will add to this later. CB was not around, but damn did I think about him!!


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