Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Random Info

ERG got a job in NYC! I'm happy and excited but a little depressed because I know I'll miss him. The funny thing, it's at some place where they make and wash wigs. And apparently for some very famous people. In fact, ERG told me Diana Summers' assistant called and said 5 wigs would be sent for them to wash. He said there are cards and pictures all around from famous people thanking the company for this and that. He mentioned Madonna and Cher and others I can't remember. The coolest thing, it's on Broadway in Manhattan.

I was suppose to go with DG to the new bar that just opened (formly The Forum). I think its called City Austin. Anyway, I felt too damn tired last night so I just stayed in. Last week, I forgot to mention, we went to 42nd Street (at Bass) and Cabaret (at Zach's). I had a great time at both. It feels really good to hang out with him again.

I wanna go see Kill Bill 2 tonight but it's playing at The Alamo up north. I don't want to drive that far. We'll see.


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