Monday, June 14, 2004

tHe tWo

I didn't go home. I stayed and wished I hadn't. Went to a party on Friday. Met N who was delightfully cute-exchanged numbers. Saturday, realized two of my friends were at weddings of their best friends. One in NYC and the other in LJ. One, wrote about it in his mini blog. The other stood in it and recited a poem he wrote on a plane flight from NYC. One is best friends with the bride the other with the groom. I could go on with the similarities, they're quit frightening. I think I will. Currently, they are both unemployed. One is going to see Madonna the other Britney (age difference). Both are well educated Mexicans with strong mother figures that have sheltered and spoiled them (but not to a fault). Both were in their high school band and still enjoy watching it. Yes, Launch is playing "Harold and Joe." Anyway, why the hell am I doing this...I have no idea. Okay, okay, list time:

1. Mojitos
2. Chicken Night
3. Cubby Cecker
4. "All About My Mother"
5. Mr. Vampire, I miss ya


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