Monday, July 12, 2004

My Special Vistor(s)

I had a great weekend even though it was spent moving and then unpacking. The reason, my sister was here!!! I hadn’t realized how much I missed her. We have this wonderful bond, I feel so safe telling her anything and just being around her makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The Pretenders have a song and I can’t think of the name of it, but it goes: “If you’re mad, get mad, don’t hold it all inside. Come on and talk to me now.” Anyway, that song is all about us and it came on this weekend. We just had to hug and of course cry. I loved it!! She brought along Gracie (her sister-in-law) and they helped (doing majority of the work) with the move. We had so much fun despite the fact that by Saturday afternoon our butts were dragging.

I took them to OCH’s and Sixth Street on Friday night. They enjoyed themselves.

My apartment is about 95% done. Paintings on the wall, boxes empty, etc. Much, Much more later...

Have a great week.

Ciao Bella


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